Island Services

The list is continually being updated as new services become available so please check back often. If you know of a service that is not listed please let us know.

The Sanday Development Trust

We are launching an island wide scheme to reach out and stay in contact with anyone who is on their own or feeling isolated, on Sanday no one should ever feel alone.

We know that many residents are already reaching out to others and doing an amazing job of looking after our community. This scheme is not meant to replace any of the wonderful work that is already being done by individuals or groups. This scheme is simply to ensure that no one on the island is left out and that everyone has someone to reach out to.

The calls will be handled by Trust staff and volunteers and we will manage the calling schedules for everyone.

You can request to be called on a basis that suits you or you can volunteer to call others on the island, or both.

How it Works

To sign up for the scheme

1 – Please get in touch in one of the following ways: –

  • Call 01857 600359 and leave a message
  • Email
  • Pop a note into either shop or place in the black post-box outside the main Heilsa Fjold entrance.

 2 – Let us know the following information: –

  • If you are without any connection, i.e. no phone (fixed/mobile) or internet access
  • If you would like to be called, to volunteer to call others, or both
  • Your contact details – phone number, mobile number and email
  • The times you would like to receive a call or make calls, i.e. such as 9am to 6pm
  • If you have internet at home and would like video calls and have capable equipment or need to be supplied with it.

Any information you provide will be handled in the strictest of confidence. No calls are recorded and we will not pass on your details unless required by law  (in compliance with general data protection regulations) or contact any other organisation unless you ask us to do so  or we believe there is a risk to life.

Do you have any old laptops, tablets or smartphones that you no longer need and are sitting in a drawer? If so please consider donating them to the Trust and we will provide them to those who need equipment in order to stay in touch. Equipment needs to be in working order with a video camera and your own information should be deleted. We will then take care of cleaning them, setting them up and sending them out with instructions. If you can help please put them in a bag and drop them off at one of the shops. Please only donate equipment that you do not want returned.

Sinclair General Stores

Netta has VERY kindly offered jigsaws on loan.

We’ll clear a shelf for them next to the door so you can help yourself and swap them back. She says she’s got lots more when you’ve done them all.

Just add to your order to get them delivered and collected.

We will use the UVC wand on them to keep them clean